How PBX Business Phone Systems Work


Business Phone systems can follow trends in popularity and use. One of the oldest types of business systems is the PBX. In modern version, the “IP PBX” makes use of Internet Protocol to handle, or carry all calls. Users of the modern IP PBX do not have to sacrifice flexibility and availability of feature selection. The modern systems offer access to conference calling, call forwarding and even programmable Caller ID. In the original PBX systems, operators were used to handle call switching and forwarding. In today’s world, the position of operator has been filled by what is termed as the “VoIP center”, or center of operators.

The Business Phone systems, classified as an IP PBX, makes use of a central VoIP center of operators. These individuals have multiple responsibilities, just as did the operators of days past. They are responsible for establishing the connections between the users of the system. Since this process involves calling through Internet protocol, it involves “mapping” a dialed number to a physical location of a user. Even though the physical location of the business may be half-way around the world, the VoIP Center remains in control of conference calling, call forwarding and all other aspects of the PBX Business Phone systems. Learn about office 365 pricing here!

How Much Do PBX Phones Cost?

The cost involved with full PBX types of Business Phone systems would, of course, be out of reach for small business and home business use. However, with the recent advances made in hardware, many smaller, PBX style systems have come into the market. No, these systems would not be suitable for a full-blown business environment. However they fit nicely into a small business or home based business. With the availability of the VoIP operator center, the smaller business environment has all the advantages and features of a sophisticated PBX Telephone system. To understand more about telephone system, visit

Some VoIP operator centers also offer services to the individual businessman. It is possible to purchase multiple telephone numbers from this service. These numbers can be designed to resemble extensions of a central number if desired. There can be one, or several, pre-recorded greetings depending upon how the lines are designed to interact with each other. All lines can be forwarded to one number, or to multiple numbers. This ability enables an individual to gain complete control over developing his business, inexpensively gaining the tools once enjoyed by much larger companies. Know about PABX System Repair here!

The above is an overview of how the PBX phone system works.


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